July 28, 2021

Now is the best time to start saving for retirement

Now is the best time to start saving for retirement

Most people have started saving for a future financial goal — it may be to buy a house or a car, or to pay for college education of the children, or for a big activity or event. But these goals are not really for a long-term plan, these are mostly medium-term or immediate goals, so the question now is, have you started saving for retirement. Saving for the family’s trip abroad, or the family’s improved lifestyle is all right, but you also have to know and consider saving for retirement. If you don’t start now, when will you start, when all of your other financial goals have been accomplished? But then, would you have enough time to earn and save then? There’s no better time to start saving for retirement but today.

People usually think that retirement is still a long time to go, there are still a couple of years to enjoy before retirement finally comes; it’s good to be in the retirement stage because you wouldn’t have to work and tire yourself but unfortunately, by that time, you wouldn’t be earning also, so how will you enjoy your retirement years. Well, while you’re still young and there’s still a wide gap between now and retirement, you already have to start setting your goals — what you want to do during retirement, how you’d like to spend your retirement years, etc., and after setting such goals, start planning on how to achieve those goals — remember, you’ll not be receiving huge monthly income like the pay you’re most likely receiving now. So, for you to continue enjoying the wonderful life you’re having now, and to even experience a more relaxing life, then the best way is to start saving for retirement. It’s better to start saving early so you’ll have a bigger pot of gold when you reach retirement.

Learn as much as you can on how to let your money work for you while you also work hard; because of this, you don’t really have to save and set aside huge amounts of funds, you just have to start with small or minimal amounts but place it in good and high-interest earning products and investments. If you’re not quite familiar with investments, then go and inquire from your employer, bank officer, financial advisor, etc. Listen, understand, and qualify their advice, distinguish which makes sense to you, and which seems practical to you. Once you decide to start saving for retirement, make sure that you don’t use or touch this pot of money, as the name suggests – retirement savings, meaning it should be used for retirement only, this is not your emergency funds.

You may consider saving for retirement not a priority as of the moment, but remember that nobody will start saving it for you except you, so if you won’t then who else will. If you don’t start now, you’ll just wake up one day and realize that you’ll be retiring the next year, and you have no idea how to survive the next decade or so of your life. So, do include it in your savings plans.